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About the Cascadia Spoke

The Cascadia Spoke is a 501(c)3 program of the Department of Bioregion, a project of love, and a volunteer run community newspaper. If you like the work that we are doing, or what’s in it – please think about donating as a monthly or annual member.

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The Cascadia Spoke is mailed out four times a year. Our two main issues go out for Winter Solstice and Summer Solstice. For the equinoxes we send bulletins around the themes “An Invitation” in Spring, and “Celebrations/Reflections” in Fall.

We are hoping that 40 people will join us sustaining members at $10/mo, all that is needed for printing and distribution costs of mailing four times a year. 

If you have an art piece, piece of poetry, article, update, or any type of contribution you would like to see included – please do.

Coordinating Editor: Brandon Letsinger
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The Department of Bioregion, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We are a grassroots movement born out of passion and a love for bioregionalism. Your support means the world to us.